A Marketer or A Promoter, Whom did you Hire? Marketing The Unmarketable Series

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

"All marketers are liars, deceptive characters who have lots of marketing jargon on their tongues yet deliver nothing. Talking is all they know." A visibly disappointed client narrates. Just before I interjected he asks me, " Do you know how much money I have invested in the business? do you know how many marketing materials I have printed and distributed? I have the best cafe and lounge around this area yet with the least customers. And all this is because of you fake marketers. I wish you people can understand what we go through to establish such posh places, maybe only then you could start performing and stop just talking."

With my lips zipped and my mind wondering if i had been contacted for a grilling session, i decided to use this moment to find out what could be the exact issue. So it was my time to ask my rich friend:-

Why did you hire the previous “marketers”? "To promote my business" was his answer.

Why do you want to hire me? "To accomplish what others failed to achieve" he responded.

What exactly is that? "To promote my business so that I can get more customers, I want to see my place parked with all these people is see in other cafes and restaurants..." he replied.

Who is your ideal customer, and his answer was, "who wouldn't want to eat from such a posh place? Every one hungry is welcome to my premises."

Lastly, Do you need a marketer or a promotor? And at what stage in your business did you first seek these services" Is there any difference between promoting and marketing? Anyway, I hired one when I realized my business needed to be known so that i can make more money. The investors answered.

It's at this moment I realized that the 7Ps of marketing had been reduced to only one, "Promotion”. Neither the hired marketers nor the client understood that any successful marketing campaign is a perfect mixture 7Ps, that must be put in perfect measure toward reaching, engaging, converting, retaining, and turning the targeted customer into the most loyal advocate. For a Promotion campaign to be successful, it must be well aligned with the Price, Place, Product, People, Process, and Physical Evidence.

Business owners, promotion is just a seventh of what a marketer is supposed to do, so the perfect time to hire one is at the ideation stage if fruits of professional marketing are to be fully rewarding. Not every product or service is promotable however with a professional approach every service or product is marketable.

Unless all the 7Ps are critically adjusted to perfection along the brand's marketing grid, you will promote as much as you can and the results will remain as frustrating or will be achieved at an inflated cost.

So, stop hiring promoters and hire professional marketers at the right time. In the next article of "Marketing The Unmarketable Series", I will expound on how each P affects your long term marketing strategy.


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