BETTY NAMBOOZE: Letter to the young and energetic activists of change in social media.

BETTY NAMBOOZE: - Dear my sons and daughters, the young and energetic activists of change in social media,

I’m writing to you this letter after a lot of souls searching. And by the way, if I don’t tell you this, who will tell you?

The Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes 7: 21- 22, reads, Do not pay attention to every word people say, and never eavesdrop or you may hear your servant cursing you for you know in your heart that many times you yourself once cursed those who were above you.

When I joined politics and stood for Office in 2006 in an election where my victory was rigged, my supporters used to call me “omwana waffe”, Muwala in Luganda. In 2011 majority of my supporters started calling me “sister” and today the majority of my supporters call me “Maama”. This has been a humbling experience and it has made me aware of the stages of life, I’m going through So, basing on this, I have had the opportunity to reflect on how I do my politics and what type of mentorship is required of me at every time.

Sometimes when we are in our youthful years we seem to forget that this is only a period, a stage in life and not a religion, tribe, or race. Many young people forget that tomorrow they will not be the young people they are today and invest so much in their being young. This is the type that will refuse to leave the youth -stage even when the time demands.

I have been observing how you’re doing your politics. I appreciate where you’re coming from, I know many things have frustrated you and you are bitter with the status quo. You have been a generation that has been abused and used by people who are fit to be your grands. You have faced violence and you have come to believe that whoever has leverage or advantage over the other must suppress and or enslave him!

The person who inverted social media must have intended to improve our social relations but we are now getting the opposite. Some people have made it an art to use social media to humiliate, assault, spread envy, and jealousness against your comrades. You abuse, malign, destroy, hurt and character assassinate each other. The basic principals of democracy and respect for human rights seem to be a distant thing for such comrades. But know that violence begets violence, intolerance begets intolerance, dictatorship begets dictatorship.

All relationships go through phases, there will be good times and challenges. When you recognize that your relationship is in a rough spot, take heart. Great relationships don’t happen by luck. There are specific skills and actions that strengthen our relationships.

I wish to advise you to make your comradeships as a generation a top priority. Relationships are like living things: they are either growing or dying. Relationships grow and flourish when we invest and nurture them. When relationships or comradeships are struggling, it’s often a sign that they have been neglected. To strengthen a struggling friendship you must make it a top priority of your time and energy.

Accept that disappointment will happen in every relationship. Disappointment happens when our expectations don’t match reality. Two people will always have differences in their expectations. This means that disappointments will happen in every relationship.

We have a tendency to focus on the negative and we then use this “evidence” to reinforce the belief that our comradeships are filled with disappointment. We need to learn to accept that disappointment happens. Choose to focus on our comrade's parts that have fulfilled our expectations and even brought unplanned blessings instead of focusing on other people's weaknesses.

Dear, young people kindly don’t make derogatory comments, Insults & belittling remarks against colleagues including those you disagree with. The words you use are powerful while others are so ugly. What you must know is that when you put down your comrade you are causing damage to the whole society.

I’m here to argue you to choose to break habits that damage others, especially when we feel frustrated and disappointed. We can also disagree in a better way and use words that show respect, love, and hope. The wise say; Plant the seeds you want to grow.

No one will trust you if you fussed endlessly with others. After some time you will look as if you are breaking up with everyone. And when inherently bad guys become the one who champions your interests as a group, reasonable members of society will develop a second opinion about you.

And know that the enemy will do all within his means to set you up against each other, against colleagues, especially when he gets to know that your team descends in conflict whenever anyone of you errors.

Well,I have written a lot and wish to end at that, knowing that you’re reasonable people and will take time to read this and get to know my point.


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