I did not organize it and neither did my Team: Hon Anite

The procession that has been widely viewed on social media was not a campaign rally. I did not organize it and neither did my Team. I was not even there! The spontaneous procession formed on the occasion of the delivery of the Ambulances for Koboko Municipality,” Hon. Anita.

“The community is in great need of these ambulances as the nearest referral hospital is in Arua. We promised to deliver the ambulances before COVID19, but the pandemic has made them even more urgent to respond to emergencies during this period. As leaders in Koboko, we continue to raise awareness for our people to social distance, wear masks, wash hands and follow other guidelines provided by Ministry of Health. Health of our people is number one priority for me. I will do more to sensitize the people about this and warn them against such dangerous practices,” Anite added.

This comes in a period where the political anxiety has been boiling ever since the electoral commission launched the road map to 2021 general elections and declared that all campaigns we're to done digitally due to COVID 19.

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