New On Market: Maurice Kirya introduces "The Sound Cup Coffee" to Ugandan and Netherlands Markets.

#NewOnMarket A dream that started as a coffee place "The Sound Cup Cafe" in 2013 by Ugandan singer, actor, and coffee enthusiast Maurice Kirya has been evolved into a coffee brand.

The Sound Cup is on a mission is to use good coffee and great service to bring people, arts, and cultures together. Its speciality coffee comes from some of the world's top coffee regions yet to be specified and the brand is currently based both in the Netherlands and Uganda.

Via his social media channels, Kirya said "The Sound Cup Coffee, is now available to the world, based in The Netherlands & Uganda.
It has been an incredible journey, and I am very happy to have the world enjoying our coffee, It is wonderful to see how it impacts everyone from the farmers to our happy coffee drinkers.
I’d like to thank my team of coffee experts, roasters, specialists, Piz & Pots Agency, and all my friends and people that have walked this journey with me to bring this premium brand to life. Click to learn more!"
Maurice Kirya at Sound Cup Cafe, where it all started.

Let's wait for your review of this new brand on the market!

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