Reckless Radio, A new internet radio that marks the return of the industry's finest to the airwaves

NEW ON MARKET: Having worked for Sanyu FM close to 21 years and recklessly fired, the 41 years old media guru has put his experience and brand value to the ultimate test by unveiling his own disruptive, innovative internet radio station, RECKLESS RADIO It's been warmly welcomed by his fans even when the platform is still at a product in the making.

In his own words,

Thank you for the enormous support you've shown Reckless Radio so far. , I did not anticipate this level of interest this early. I am beyond thrilled. Trust me, there is even more to come.

"So, as you know we are currently in the testing phase, the purpose was to see how to streamline operational procedures in a real setting and to also monitor performance of our platforms, that is, the website and app. The idea is to resolve all such issues early on before the real party begins. We were hoping to get as much feedback as possible, and we have. Thank you!

The overwhelming response so far has been positive, for both the website and the app. 43,000 listeners already yet we are just in testing! Mostly just from the stream on the website. The Android app came out late yesterday and the iPhone version is soon to be released.

Some have raised technical issues with the Android app and website, and the feedback has been helpful in identifying the cause of the problems. We will resolve those, don't worry. Also, the iPhone app is coming soon to,o! I gat you my Apple people. You sexy people are on my mind

This being a tiny operation I'm currently the IT manager, app builder, graphic designer, web designer, music selector, sound engineer, imaging producer, program director, PR officer, and CEO hahaha. It's all so much fun, I'm loving it. But the workload is getting crazy so I hired a PA yesterday. I'm amazed at how much has been accomplished in this short time. Tiny but already shaking up the industry in a big way. This is a true wonder." Mr. Onen James

Let's Make Radio Great Again!

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