UBL launches a 3.6 billion shillings “Bell Raising the Bar” campaign to support Bar owners.


Uganda Breweries Ltd has launched the “Bell Raising the Bar” campaign to assist bar owners whose businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 lockdown by committing about 3.6 billion shillings.

Speaking at the event, Alvin Mbugua, MD UBL noted that "As a business, we knew that we owed it to the people that we do business with, who have been affected by the continued closure of their businesses for a long period, to ease the burden of yet another unprecedented financial shock"
Alvin Mbugua, MD UBL

Uganda Breweries Limited- Corporate Relations Director also emphasized the importance of this campaign with these remarks,

"What we have done today is to secure a stimulus package to ensure a safe return for the workers in this industry who make up 1 million people that have been out of wor for a year" - Juliana Kagwa -

This comes at a time when bars have remained closed for almost a year due to the Covid-19 lockdown. However, Hon. Minister Amelia Kyambadde said that in her capacity as the Chairperson of the Trade and Transport Committee of the COVID-19 Taskforce, she is going to engage my colleagues to deliberate upon the possibility of reopening the bars now that we are assured of the strict adherence of SOPs.

This was received as promising and exciting news by 1000's that miss the fun-packed, long nights powered by a cold bell larger.




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